Crown Reductions

Crown reductions in Cheltenham

Reduce and reshape your tree

Crown thinning
Managing the crown or branch system through thinning and clearing helps ensure a healthy tree. Reducing the density of the crown of broad leaved species, without changing the overall shape and size of the tree, allows for more light penetration and wind movement, thus reducing the risk of storm damage. 

Crown lifting
Removing of the lowest branches  of the tree, normally not the main branches growing directly from the trunk as this can cause wounds.
This is an effective method to increase light to areas close to the tree and to enable access under the crown.

Crown reduction
This is the reduction of height and spread of the crown. it reduces stress on individual branches or the whole tree and makes the tree more suited to its environment and can reduce the effects of shading. It should retain the main framework of the crown, with a smaller outline. 

Tree pruning
We prune and reshape trees, ensuring they grow in an attractive way. We offer advice on the best time of year to undertake this according to the type of tree you want pruning. 

The pollarding of trees such as Willow and Lime restricts and manages their size and encourages the growth of young stems. Pollarding is best started on young trees as their wood responds rapidly, reducing the risk of decay. It is usually carried out when the tree is dormant.

It is essential to manage your tree, thus removing dead limbs that pose a risk to people or property. 

Branch and limb removal
It is sometimes necessary to move certain branches from the crown, without fully reducing, thinning or lifting. 
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