Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming in Cheltenham

Is your hedge overgrown?

 Here at Chris Arnold Tree Surgery we can trim your hedge to your desired requirements.

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedge require more frequent trimming throughout the year. 

We also reduce the height of your hedge to allow for more light. A well maintained hedge will significantly improve the overall appearance of your garden.  

We remove hedge lines, grinding out the stumps and replanting where necessary.
Annual hedge trimming will keep your hedge neat at tidy, allowing your garden to look good all year round. As with all tree work, your garden will be left tidy as found.

We have all the equipment and skills necessary to carry out such work whether it involves climbing inside the hedge or pruning from the outside using a ladder, platform or even a hydraulic platform (cherry picker). 
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tractor mounted hedge trimmer
Keep your garden groomed with our annual hedge trimming.

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topiary hedge in shape of a drum

Good for you and good for the world

In order to make the green waste more usable, we’ll allow a 6 week period for it to mulch down and the compost. This enables the greenery to rot down and become more like its former state. After that we’ll load it onto a lorry, which will take it straight to either Shotton paper mill (near Liverpool) or to Slough Power Station (near London). Your green waste will then be recycled and used as renewable energy; giving the environment that extra helping hand.
Do you need firewood?
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